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Bellingen Golf Club 10th September 2018

Bellingen R.S.L. Country Club Limited
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Bellingen Golf Club 10th September 2018

Thursday 6th - 12 players for this week’s Medley 9 hole comp.  Ruth Hall was the winner with 18 points over R/U Maggie Oliver on 17. NTPs went to Marg Girdwood and visitor Phil Irvin.
Saturday 8th - a stormy, rain-interrupted day for the final round of the Men’s Club Championships and the Monthly Medal, sponsored again by Treasury Wines Estates.  The A Grade Medal was taken by Justin Alford with nett 67 on a C/B with Nick Jenkins.  Gross winner was Jaydan Taylor with a neat 70.  B Grade was topped by Merv Brownlee on 66 over Mick Raymond’s 69, Mick’s gross of 87 the best of the group.  C Grade nett and gross winner was Craig McMahon’s 91/68 in a nett C/B over Dennis Lyon.  The Monthly Mug winner was Merv Brownlee, and JT took the day’s putting comp.  NTPs went to Col Hoskins, Ruth Hall, Dennis Lyon, Dave Mayo, Nick Jenkins and Richard Raward.  The ball run went to 72.
And so after 4 gruelling week’s, the Championship Results.  Our 2018 Men’s Club Champion is Russell Williams with a gross 314 over R/U Nick Jenkins on 331.  A Grade nett winner was Chris Smith’s 281 over Trevor Wilson-Brown’s 285.  B Grade champ was Mike Raymond, over R/U Col Hoskins, with Tony Brown taking the nett comp over Tom Munnelly.  Dennis Lyon triumphed to be C Grade champ this year over Les Howes; the nett winner was Terry Cleary over Stan McCabe.  The winner of the putting comp over the four rounds was Nick Jenkins with 115.  
Captain’s Log - a big thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s comp, especially the Greens staff - the course is beautiful - and Tony Brown for the marvellous scoreboard, helped by Bruce Baigent, Kiwi, Oz and Ruth.  We are now looking forward to our Gala Day on Sunday 16th - free breakfast from 8.30am, free 3 Person Ambrose and discounted memberships available on the day.  We hope to see you there!

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